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Most properties do not permit pets. If you have or intend to have a pet this has to be specifically approved by us. Special conditions will apply if tenancy is granted. Please enquire.

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If your application is approved you will be required to pay 3-4 weeks bond plus 1-2 weeks rent in advance before you move in. Please explain the source of your money:


If you have any other asset over $500 please describe.

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Declarations under the Privacy Act

I am aware that you, Pride Property Management Ltd (PPM),are asking me for personal information to aid in the assessment of my application to rent one of your properties. I specifically authorise PPM to carry out background checks and collect any information about me from publically accessible websites and from any person or entity whose name I have provided in this application form.

I understand and agree that PPM may carry out background checks on me with reputed agencies such as Veda Advantage, the Tenancy Tribunal, Tenancy Information NZ (TINZ) and the New Zealand Police and enquire about me from any other entity authorised by me, such as landlords, employers, relatives and non-relatives specified above. I understand that PPM may use this information to decide on my/our application. Veda Advantage and TINZ (including their successors and assigns) will have access to this information for use by third parties who subscribe to the services offered by them to check my credit history.

I understand and agree that:

  1. If I knowingly provide false information in this application, PPM will approach the Tenancy Tribunal to terminate the agreement.
  2. If I/we default in my/our rent and/or other payment obligations to you (PPM), information about that default may be given to Veda Advantage and Veda Advantage may provide information about my/our default to other Veda Advantage subscribers.
  3. If I/we default in any obligations to you (PPM), you may refer my/our debt to a collection agency without my permission, and such costs, commissions and fees, charged by the agency in recovering my debt is payable by me and will be charged to my account.
  4. I am entitled to access and correct this information which is held by you, during the normal business hours of PPM. PPM has advised me to keep a copy of my application for future reference;
  5. If I am accepted and signing-in occurs at the property, PPM will take a digital photograph of me and my adult family members and/or co-residents for their records.
  6. Submission of a completed application and its receipt by PPM does not mean I have been accepted for tenancy. I will have a valid tenancy only after: (a) my application has been approved by PPM; (b) we have both signed the tenancy agreement and, (c) I have paid the required bond, rent and letting fee in cash or if PPM has received cleared funds into their bank account from me. I have the right to access and correct any personal information held by PPM.
  7. PPM may not approve my application for tenancy and the reason for doing so will be not provided.
  8. All information given by me in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.